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I Heard The Bluebird Sing



I Met A Girl Out In The Hills

Who Gave My Lonely Heart A Thrill
Her Beauty was 
Just Like A Breath Of Spring

And When I Looked Into Her Eyes

I saw the clearest Summer Skies

And When I Held Her Hand In Mine

I Heard The Bluebird Sing

It Sang Of Wondering

(Wondering If he Loves Her)

Will She Marry

(Marry If he'll Ask Her)

Will Her Heart Beat

(Heart Beat true forever)

Now Then And Ever More

And When She's Lonely

(Lonely Is He Near Her)

When There's Sadness

(Sadness Will He Cheer Her)

Will They Always

(Always Be Together)

Until In Death They Part

I Courted Her For Months On End

Until She Promised We Would  Wed

We Planned On Being

Married In The Spring

All Through

The Long Cold Winter Months

I thought That Spring

Would Never Come

And Every stormy Winter's Day

I Heard The Bluebird Sing

They Sang Of Waiting

(Waiting For The sunshine)

And Of hating
(Hating Every stormcloud)

That had gathered
(Gathered o're the mountain)
To keep us far apart.
And When At Last

Spring Touched The Earth

We Were Married

In The Village Church

Our Wedding was 


Just Like A Dream Come True

Though Many Years Have Come And Gone
Our Love Is just 

As True And Strong
As When I Found Her Long Ago
And Still The Bluebird Sings. 
It Sings Of Loving
(Loving Every Hour)
That I'm Married
(Married To My Flower)
We'll Be Sweethearts
(Sweethearts here forever)

Till we reach thar golden shore.



Jesus performed the first wedding.



“And the LORD God caused a deep

sleep to fall upon Adam, and he

slept: and he took one of his ribs,

and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

And the rib,

which the LORD God had

taken from man,

made he a woman,

and brought her unto the man.

And Adam said,

This is now bone of my bones,

and flesh of my

flesh: she shall be called Woman,

because she was taken out of Man.

Therefore shall a man leave his father

and his mother,

and shall cleave unto his wife:

and they shall be one flesh.”

Genesis 2:21-24